In cooling mode, a loop in the earth disperses warmth and distributes cooled air through a conventional duct system. In heating mode, the same loop absorbs heat for distribution in the ductwork.
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Geothermal Information Courtesy of the
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Motzko Geothermal Drilling is a professional geothermal drilling and loop contractor. Branching out in 2001 into the exploding world of geothermal systems. We have installed geothermal projects throughout Minnesota using the most advanced techniques and equipment.


CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM #1 - horizontal coils or loop in a trench

CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM #2 - a loop in a vertical bore hole

CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM #3 - horizontal loop into a body of water

Motzko Well Drilling is your one call geothermal drilling contractor utilizing the most innovative technology available. We maintain THREE GOALS when installing a geothermal field with our clients:

COMMUNICATION: Effective communication between the drilling contractor (Motzko), the heating/cooling contractor, and the home owner is important during all phases of the project. It starts when filing for the permit through final excavation. We take the time to meet with all parties involved to discuss the procedure and equipment required to perform the project.

BUDGET: We understand that maintaining the project's budget is the most important goal. This is why we strive to make it as simple as possible. We bid our projects on a "fixed rate per ton." We help you understand the reality of drilling and explain what will be needed to finish the job to your expectations. We will always provide more than an "educated guess." Other contractors advertise lower bids followed by unexpected increases midway through the project. We stand behind our bid, you will have absolutely no increase over the bid you receive.

QUALITY: As a drilling company we understand that the efficient operation of any geothermal system is dependent on the loop field. Our goal is to provide the customer with the highest quality at each step in the project. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and advancing in the geothermal technologies.

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